Tiger Shark and Site Author
Hawksbill Turtle
Ornate Ghost Pipefish
Whitemouth Moray Eel
Commerson's Giant FrogfishFrogfish *
Decoy Scorpionfish
Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin Pod
Longspine Lionfish
Broadclub Cuttlefish
Tiger Shark (Shirley)
Giant Moray
Papuan Scorpionfish
Bargibant’s Pygmy Seahorse
False Clown Anemonefish
Banded Coral Shrimp
Black Commerson's Frogfish - Lure
Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin a
Tiger Shark
Mantis Shrimp
Tasselled Wobbegong Shark
Blackside Hawkfish
Skunk clownfish or Nosestripe anemonefis
Banded Coral Shrimp on Moray_
Bumphead Parrotfish School
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