Hawaiian Sea Slugs

Trembling (Goniobranchus vibratus)
Yellow Margin - Ardeadoris angustolutea
Yellow Margin - Ardeadoris angustolutea.
Yellow Margin Nudibranch
Yellow Margin - Ardeadoris angustolute
Asteronotus cespitosus Nudibranch *
Asteronotus cespitosus  Nudibranch 4
White Bump (Goniobranchus albopustulosus
White Margin (Glossodoris rufomarginata)
White Margin Nudibranch
White Margin Nudibranchs
Dendrodoris carbunculosa 3
Dendrodoris carbunculosa 4
Thorunna Daniella 2
Thoronna Kahuna
Thorunna Kahuna
Tamja Morosa (Juvenile) Unusual Color Va
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