Nudibranchs / Sea Slugs

Glossodoris Sedna
Rose Hem Hypselodoris Nudibranch *
Tambja Mullineri Nudibranch (Endemic to
Hopkin's Rose nudibranch _
Co's Chromodoris
Felimare Californiensis Nudibranch _
Anna's Chromodoris
Verconia Sp. 4 - GLORIOUS NOUMEA
Tambja caeruleocirrus Nudibranch
Caloria Sp 3
Thuridilla carlsoni
Favorinus japonicus
Okenia SP #1
Yellow Margin - Ardeadoris angustolute
WHITE AEOLID - Bulbaeolidia alba ***
Eubranchus sp. #1 *
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Tambja caeruleocirrus Nudibranch