Rose Hem Hypselodoris Nudibranch *
Heron Ardeadoris Nudibranch 2
Co's Chromodoris
Hopkin's Rose nudibranch _
Cuthona sibogae Nudibranch 3
Tambja Mullineri Nudibranch (Endemic to
Tambja caeruleocirrus Nudibranch
Anna's Chromodoris
Lumpy Dendrodoris Nudibranch
Wavy Sap Sucking Sea Slug
Painted Thecacera Nudibranch
Tryon's Risbecia Nudibranch *
Swollen Phyllidia (Scrambled Egg) Nudibr
Sky Blue Phyllidia Nudibranch
Ringed Phyllidiella annulata Nudibranch.
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Funeral Nudibranch-Jorunna funebris